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Usage Report

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VM Usage Report


Usage reports are comma-separated value (CSV) files generated hourly to provide detailed information about the lifetime of VM-based VLab resources (Note that Docker-based VLab resource consumptions are not included in the usage report, only VM resource consumptions are considered). 

Clover offers an easy-to-use visualization tool to help you track and optimize VM resource spending with greater ease, allows you to generate charts, and download accurate reports of aggregated data on all VLAB consumption. You can show hourly, daily and monthly VM usage data, grouped by user, by Lab name or even by Lab template. You can choose the dates you’re interested in. Filter to the specific tag, lab, or user you want, and pick how you want it grouped. As a result, a chart and corresponding data table are generated, and can also be downloaded as a data table.

  1. In the left menu, Select Usage & Cost Reports > Usage Report
  2. Determine the filters and choose the dates, Click on button “Apply
  3. The results show, for a given lab and template names, the total VM consumption (in seconds) of the selected user as well as the corresponding cloud consumption (in hours). A chart is also provided to offer detailed information about the lifetime of the user’s VM during a lab session. It provides statistics about total activity time (per day) spent by learners in their VLABs. It shows how long each instance has been running as well as its started time.
  4. To download the CSV Report, in the top right corner of the chart, click on the Inspect button, and then on the Download CSV button