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Creating LTI Keys and URLs

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Creating LTI Keys and URLs

LTI is a standardized way of integrating external learning tools (like Clover) into Learning Management Systems. Clover functions as a Tool Provider that uses LTI (based on OAuth 1.0) to authenticate learners from LMS platforms (acting as Tool Consumers).

Each external LMS or learning application that you want to allow access to your Clover instance should be configured as a Tool Consumer that must have separate credentials.

How to add a Tool Consumer (LMS) in Clover ?

As an administrator, you can add LTI Consumers (LMS) and provision their LTI credentials:

  1. From your admin screen, select Go to Integration Settings > LMS settings > LTI consumers.
  2. In the Add new consumer window, the following fields include the settings for provisioning LTI Consumer credentials.
    • Consumer Name: An identifying name for the tool consumer. You can not change this field.
    • Consumer Key: Enter a unique key value for the tool consumer.
    • Consumer Secret: The console generates automatically a unique secret value for this tool consumer.
    • Enabled: check the box to activate the tool consumer.

3. Click on the Add new consumer button. The consumer will be created and added in the Tool Consumers table.

How to use the consumer credentials in the LMS ?

After you complete the configuration of a tool consumer, you can now add the consumer credentials to your external LMS. Please note these following credentials required for your LMS:

  • LTI URL will be copied and pasted into your LMS system, once for the LMS class/course and once for each LMS unit/assignment.  The Clover LTI connector is:
  • LTI Keys (Consumer Key and Secret) required by your LMS administrator one time only so that Clover can be added as an LTI provider. Once Clover has been added as an LTI provider in your LMS, you will not need them again and the remaining actions can be completed by LMS users who have Teacher/Instructor permissions.

We have platform specific integration documentation for most LMS systems.

How to manage LTI Consumers (LMS) ?

  1. From your admin screen, select Go to Integration Settings > LMS settings > LTI consumers.
  2. In the right screen of the dashboard, a Tool Consumers table appears.
  3. You can Edit or Delete tool consumers from the table.