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OVH Kubernetes

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Integrating OVH Kubernetes with Clover

Before you begin, you need to have a Kubernetes cluster (including nodes) already set up. The OVH provider offers detailed documentation on how to do that.

The following steps show how to integrate your OVH Kubernetes to Clover-VTL. You can also watch this video in parallel which explained all steps clearly.

Use the following steps to set up your Cluster, to download the configuration file and to connect Clover to your Cluster:

1 . Login to the OVH Control Panel, create a Cluster to handle the docker based vlabs and add nodes to your cluster (for more information click here)

2. Once your Cluster is created, Go to your OVH public cloud interface and click Managed Kubernetes Service to list your kubernetes clusters. Click on the cluster name (e.g. CloverVTL) to open cluster details

3. Click the kubeconfig link to download the kubectl file and save it to your computer

4. Go now to Clover-VTL dashboard, Navigate to the > Integration Settings > Cloud Settings >Kubernetes.

5. Select “OVH Kubernetes” from the Kubernetes platform drop-down menu

6. Upload the kubeconfig file (downloaded in Step 3) and click Save.  You will remark that all fields in the “Kubernetes Credentials” will be filled automatically.

7.  Finally click Save, you should get valid configuration message as shown in the following figure.

8. Congratulations ! Clover-VTL is now connected to your OVH Kubernetes cluster.