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Google Kubernetes Engine

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Integrating Google Kubernetes Engine with Clover

With Clover VTL Gateway integration you simply connect to your Google account via Service account with Kubernetes admin role and spin up deployment environments in a few clicks.
Kubernetes clusters are created for you on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

The following steps show you how to integrate GKE with Clover:

1. Go to your GCP interface and open IAM & admin: service account


2. Create a new service account

3. Set the name and click create

4. Select the role “Kubernetes Engine admin” and click continue

5. Create Private Json Key

Now the private key is downloaded on your computer, you will upload it on Clover integration Kubernetes

6. Set Kubernetes credentials to Clover integration and click save

  • Upload private Key
  • Set

You should get valid configuration message