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Integrating with Kubernetes

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Clover-VTL can interacts with the Kubernetes platform to orchestrate, coordinate and monitor your Docker Container based Hands-on Labs. Clover-VTL is compatible with most Kubernetes platforms in the market such as Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (AEK) Service, or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Before configuring Clover-VTL, You need first to create a Kubernetes cluster to handle your container based vlabs. Please refer to your cloud providers documentation for how to create a cluster.  If you need help, you can also contact us and our team will assist you.

Clover-VTL needs to communicate with your Kubernetes cluster to launch and manage Docker containers composing your VLABs. Clover-VTL uses the provider’s API to provision and manage your hosted kubernetes cluster and containers.

To access your Kubernetes Cluster from Clover-VTL, You are prompted for authentication information. This information is required to access the provider’s API.

For more information on how to obtain this information and configure Clover, see the following procedures: