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Session Recording

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Session Recording, Playback & Sharing

The learner can choose to record remote desktop sessions and watch the recordings back via a HTML5 web console integrated into Clover.

How to record your remote desktop session ?

1. To record your session, you should open a new connection to your desktop. If you have a connection already opened  you should first close it  (just close the tab in your browser):


2. Now, in your dashboard, click on the “Session Record” button:


3. A pop-up window appears. Enter your description and click “Start Record“:

4. A new desktop connection is opened in a new tab, the record starts automatically. You can now work on your desktop, you will see a notification that the session is being recorded at the browser tab icon. To stop the session recording, just Closed your tab:


5. The recording can be subsequently translated to a normal video stream. To produce the video (mp4) click on the “My records” button in your dashboard:


6. Click on the convert button  to produce the video.


7. Click on the display button  to play back the video.


8. Click on the button to share the video with your instructor. You can click again on the same button to cancel the sharing.

9. Click on the button to delete the video.