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Wordpress based LMS

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Integrating Clover based Virtual Labs into your WordPress based LMS (LearnDash, LearnPress, WPLMS,…)

To launch Virtual Labs from a WordPress based LMS like (LearnDash, LearnPress, WPLMS,…), you need to set up Clover as External Tool. First of all, you should to generate the URL, the Key, and the Secret (see section Creating LTI Keys and URLs).

  1. A very small and simple plugin that will turn your WordPress site into an LTI Consumer. You can Download and install  the plugin from ( forked and modified version of  to deal with Clover-VTL.
  2. To install the plugin, please refer to (
  3. Once installed and activated you should see a new menu item labeled LTI Consumer. Click on “LTI Consumer”  -> “LTI tools”.
  4. Then click on “ADD new tool” button on the top of the page…
  5. and you’ll go to a page where you can create Clover-VTL as External Tool by specifying the URL,Consumer Key and Shared Secret already generated by clover. For more information about adding new tools, please visit (
  6. You can now insert Clover-VTL onto a course page. You’re going to use the [lti] shortcode along with a url parameter. You would put the shortcode [lti url=] into the course body.


Congratulations, you can now launch Clover based virtual labs from your LMS.