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Cost Report

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VM Cost Report

Cost reports are comma-separated value (CSV) files that can be used to show the VM resources consumed by virtual labs, and their associated costs. The cost report provides insight into your current month-to-date cost summary. It displays your costs from the beginning of month. You can also display the costs of previous months (for history consumption).

Each cost report contains one row per each VM resource along with consumption information (duration, cost) and metadata (user name, lab name, size). The reports shows also the total monthly cost. That allows you to aggregate and analyze costs for better visibility and control of Cloud spending.

Two categories are distinguished for VM resources: Lab and Template VMs. 

  • Lab VMs include all users’ virtual machines launched during lab sessions. Even 
  • Template VMs refer to virtual machines used during template creation. These VMs are deleted once templates are confirmed. 

To display reports:

  1. In the left menu, Select Usage & Cost Reports > Cost Report
  2. Determine the Period. It can be the current month or previous months. 
  3. Choose the Category. It can be Lab, Template, or All. If you select 

At the end of the month, the cost report is finalized into a bill, taking into account discounts, refunds, credits, and support fees. For billing information, login to your account from the web site.


  1. Docker-based VLab resource consumptions are not included in the cost report, only VM resource consumptions are considered
  2. The current cloud usage is not updated in real-time. It might take from 2 to 3 hours before the VM entries appear.